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Gregory BatesonIl fiume modella le sponde e le sponde guidano il fiume.Ecologia
Gregory BatesonLa creatura che domina il suo ambiente distrugge se stessa.Ecologia
Gregory BatesonThe creature that wins against its environment destroys itself.Ecologia
Gregory BatesonStiamo imparando sulla nostra pelle che l'organismo che distrugge il proprio ambiente distrugge sé stesso.Ecologia
Gregory BatesonMi abbandono alla convinzione fiduciosa che il mio conoscere è una piccola parte di un più ampio conoscere integrato che tiene unita l'intera biosfera.Ecologia
Gregory BatesonL’uomo cosciente, in quanto modificatore del suo ambiente, è ora pienamente in grado di devastare se stesso e quell’ambiente… con le migliori intenzioni coscienti.Ecologia
Bruno CancellieriIl microcosmo (cioè una mente) e il macrocosmo (cioè il mondo ad essa esterno) sono ecologie di bisogni e di conseguenti volontà. Perciò la questione fondamentale in ogni momento e in ogni luogo è: chi comanda? Ecologia
Gregory BatesonWe are beginning to play with ideas of ecology, and although we immediately trivialize these into commerce or politics, there is at least an impulse still in the human breast to unify and thereby sanctify the total natural world, of which we are.... There have been, and still are, in the world many different and even contrasting epistemologies which have been alike in stressing an ultimate unity, and, although this is less sure, which have also stressed the notion that ultimate unity is aesthetic. The uniformity of these views gives hope that perhaps the great authority of quantitative science may be insufficient to deny an ultimate unifying beauty. I hold to the presupposition that our loss of the sense of aesthetic unity was, quite simply, an epistemological mistake.Ecologia
Heinz von FoersterIt seems that cybernetics is many different things to many different people. But this is because of the richness of its conceptual base; and I believe that this is very good, otherwise cybernetics would become a somewhat boring exercise. However, all of those perspectives arise from one central theme; that of circularity. When, perhaps a half century ago, the fecundity of this concept was seen, it was sheer euphoria to philosophize, epistemologize, and theorize about its unifying power and its consequences and rami?cation on various ?elds. While this was going on, something strange evolved among the philosophers, the epistemologists and, the theoreticians. They began to see themselves more and more as being included in a larger circularity; maybe within the circularity of their family; or that of their society and culture; or even being included in a circularity of cosmic proportions!Ecologia
9 citazioni trovate